Tony Ray DeMontigny

GREAT FALLS- An AMBER Alert sent out the morning of November, 14 had several agencies looking for three missing children who were taken in the night by their non-custodial parents.

According to court documents, Cascade County Emergency dispatch received a report that three children were taken from their kinship foster placement with their grandfather, Tony Ray DeMontigny.

The kids were placed with DeMontigny since November 4, with DPHHS having temporary legal custody over the children.

Court documents say around 8:13 am Thursday, November 14, DeMontigny contacted Child Protective Services, telling the social worker that the three children and their car seats were missing, and not at his home.

DeMontigny stated that he had put the children to bed last night, and when he woke up the next morning, they were gone.

DeMontigny stated that Elaura Wright, the children’s mother, had taken them.

An AMBER Alert was issued as law enforcement responded.

Court documents say that during a field interview, DeMontigny gave conflicting statements and was verbally aggressive and uncooperative with law enforcement.

DeMontigny denied knowing the family’s whereabouts during a formal interview.

According to court documents, DeMontigny indicated he could contact the family, and help law enforcement, but it would take three weeks.

Law enforcement was able to use records to find out that DeMontigny was giving money for gas to his son, the children’s father, Tony DeMontigny Jr.

Court documents say law enforcement used records to find that DeMontigny Jr. was traveling through Montana and needed additional gas funds.

The family was located by Idaho State Police after they ran out of gas outside of Salmon, Idaho and both were taken into custody.

The parents are currently awaiting extradition to Montana, Sheriff Jesse Slaughter saying it is currently unknown when they will be extradited.

Tony Ray DeMontigny has been charged with three counts of custodial interference and has a $25,000 bond.